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Deepening the Treatment was written to help the psychoanalytically informed therapist help the patient recognize that exploring ideas and feelings is a journey worth taking and that the therapist is a trustworthy guide. Often people need to wade before they feel comfortable diving into deep waters. For them, psychoanalytically informed therapy is an inviting point of entry to the continuum it shares with psychoanalysis.
Roadblocks on the Journey of Psychotherapy is a sequel to Deepening the Treatment. Like its predecessor, it addresses some of the common issues that therapists must understand and learn to contend with in constructive ways — ways that will clarify the therapeutic process and facilitate the journey to self-knowledge. The two books share some themes; in them, as in psychotherapeutic work, certain themes come up again and again. I encourage clinicians to explore, search, wonder, and connect. There are no absolute answers — only the deepening connection between patient and therapist that, when the work goes well, eventually alters the lenses through which the world is seen by both explorers.

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