I wanted to thank you very much for writing such a thoughtful and helpful book.  I have throughly enjoyed it.  I found your insights to be grounding and served as great overview of the frame, method and transference. Your writing was super clear and very detailed. I loved that you thought of the many steps that happen along the way to an analysis.  The case examples were excellent examples of the challenges to helping patients develop symbolic language, become curious, and sustaining long term work. An analysis of process notes provided many examples of holding and how to address what gets in the way for therapist and patient. Your words give me language and ways to think about the many challenges in a therapy that come up along way. 

I have already put into practice something that you mentioned.   I have found your thoughts on considering the patient’s pace and needs to be particularly helpful.  Recently, I met a patient who was in quite a panic after an affair was discovered.  I invited her back a couple days later with the hope that she would feel supported and also have a better sense of what it might be like to come more often.  Rather than feel like a burden, this has been helpful and may hopefully develop into an analysis. 

This is hard work. Your book honors that and provides support and hope (especially in what feels like the dog days of training) that this work is possible and supports my conviction that analytic work is life changing. 

Thank you again.  My copy is dog-eared and a bit worn from being carried around.  I look forward to rereading it.  I hope I have the occasion to learn from you in person and thank you personally.

Randi Berdon


“Having read Jane Hall’s helpful book, Deepening the Treatment, a few years ago, I sought out supervision with her. Because I live in a rural area many hours from NYC, it was weekly supervision by phone, for which I wrote up two sessions for an in-depth discussion. This was a very comfortable modality for both of us. It seemed like I was in the room with her. Drawing on her wealth of experience, Jane gave honest, direct, and insightful feedback. While holding an intellectually serious way of thinking about psychoanalytic psychotherapy, her good-humored accessible style contributed to an enriching, as well as fun consultation.” – Michele Reed


I have been in supervision with Jane for seven years, and I cannot recommend her highly enough as a supervisor. Jane has helped me learn to listen beyond the surface content more closely to what patients are communicating about their internal world and relationships, including the transferential relationship between patient and therapist. Her years of experience allow her to see root dynamics at play that I may not have yet considered and which, more often than not, bear out over time. Even with her foresight, Jane does not communicate her experienced conceptualizations as a matter of fact; rather, her priority is to help me to draw upon and expand my own intuitive clinical sense. Not only has Jane helped me in my work with patients, she has also provided me immense support in developing my clinical identity as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. My work with patients has deepened, and I am undoubtedly a better, more confident clinician because of our work together. – Aimee Radom, PhD, Clinical


Jane is a passionate supervisor and teacher whose enthusiasm for the work is impossible to ignore. In responding to the clinical material I presented to her, Jane couples that passion with her many decades of experience as both a practicing psychoanalyst and scholar.  Her feedback on my work was always deeply informed by her knowledge of analytic literature but was never overly intellectualized; on the contrary, Jane takes great care to provide guidance in patient-friendly language in a way that’s straightforward to implement.  More than anything, Jane helped my confidence grow as a clinician. She’s helped me see that my mind and internal world hold answers to many of the clinical quagmires I’ve presented to her, which is a lesson that has sustained my practice over time. – Samuel Guzzardi


Jane Hall was my teacher during my last year of training at the New York School for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. I continued to meet with her as my supervisor after graduation because I was so taken with her exceptional ability to not only listen acutely and deeply but the way in which she functioned as a midwife of professional development.

Jane never imposes dogma. She encourages curiosity, space to muse and think and above all the promotion of finding ones own voice as an analytic practitioner. She models what she teaches.

Her books are a joy to read and can serve as an erudite primer for private practice.

I am still learning from her even after 30 years.

– Sheila Felberbaum, LCSW, BCD


My Experience of Long-Distance Supervision with Jane Hall

I was working with a patient who was very difficult for me, and I consulted a local analyst from our small analytic community several times during the treatment. Despite the help, I often felt the patient and I were stuck in quicksand. Then, I decided to consult someone outside of our community, who would not know me, and most certainly would not know the patient. I was referred to Jane Hall.

Immediately, after the first contact, an important issue in the countertransference became apparent. Working with Jane Hall, I was able to begin to understand both the patient and myself on a deeper level. As I worked through the countertransference issues, it became clear to me that because of our small community, the in-town supervisor, who is a very skilled analyst, knew me and my reputation in a way that interfered with his recognition of the problem. Getting an outside opinion, from somebody who did not know my work, was like a breath of fresh air. Continuing work, including focus on technique, has been fruitful as well.

Because of my experience, I highly recommend obtaining consultation out-of-town, and specifically recommend Jane Hall.

– Judith Kane


From: Deborah Fried
Subject: teaching psychoanalysis

Dear Ms. Hall,
Your beautifully worded note to the APsaA discussion group today hits a perfect note that alters the cacophony of theory-laden voices! Would it be alright with you if I read it aloud to our incoming class of candidates at Western New England Psychoanalytic?
Many thanks,
Deborah Fried Faculty, Western New England Institute for Psychoanalysis


“Jane was my supervisor while I was in the Contemporary Freudian Society’s Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program. Jane went above and beyond during our work together; she provided relevant articles to help me understand patients and clinical concepts better, she sent back process recordings with her detailed thoughts on them and she offered extra support when needed. Jane genuinely wanted me to grow as a therapist and put in the work to help make that happen. At the end of our year together, I found that my clinical skills had grown tremendously, and I owe that in large part to Jane. Not to mention, I read two of her books during this year, and those in and of themselves are HUGE assets while working with Jane in the flesh! With a title like Deepening the Treatment, it was a real gift to work with Jane who truly helped me deepen my work with my patients, a skill that I am forever grateful for!” – Jennie Friedman