The dyad: I use this term to refer to the analyst and the analysand.

The Frame:¬†This term refers to the structure of work such as place, time, and fee. Analytic work is done in the therapist’s office on agreed upon days and hours of the week. Both parties commit to this arrangement whether or not the patient is there or not. This is similar to signing up for a course in school where tuition is due no matter what. The reason for this policy is to insure continuity, constancy for the patient, and to allow the therapist to pay the bills that are ongoing for her rent, electricity, phone etc. Some people prefer a therapist who will accept cancellations and this is up to the therapist. It is unusual for a therapist to be able to fill an empty hour and so income is effected. If all patients cancelled in one week this would seriously impact her income.

Masochism: A propensity to seek mental or physical punishment. Sometimes this is seen as an effort to repeat past suffering which has become familiar.

‘Psychoanalytic doctor’: This is my term for the practitioner of psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Psychoanalysts have been educated to do this work. Training usually includes four years of course work at a licensed or accredited psychoanalytic institute. The most rigorous institutes in the U.S. are members of the International Psychoanalytic Society. Requirements for graduation include completion of courses, a personal psychoanalysis, and years of supervision. Another accreditation board is the ACPE. This group has very high standards as well. Practitioners usually hold degrees in Social Work, Psychology, or Medicine, but some come from fields such as philosophy, english, history etc. They all undergo psychoanalytic training.¬†Psychoanalytic psychotherapy also requires training and there are excellent training programs in most states. Personally, I am an advocate of advanced training that includes one’s own personal analysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It is up to the consumer to find out if the therapist is licensed, certified, or institute trained.